Pragmatistic Interpretivism (with a dialectical naturalist approach) is a purely scientific site in interpretive sociology, theoretical sociology, and pragmatist sociology, which avoids any religious or political trend, and studies human society based on inductive and abductionistic strategies in naturalistic down to earth sense
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Visage of Social Science Faculty, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch
Visage of Social Science Faculty Islamic Azad University Tehran Central Branch Es. Nov. 2015
Author: مدیریت سایت
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On Theoretic Sociology
On Theoretic Sociology To introduce my Theoretic Sociology I would like to invite you to read my fourth forward for this book in 2013. Theoretic sociology in its own area of especialization is a work based on a newly formalized and synthetized models to e...
Author: مدیریت سایت
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