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Published Works

1-           Introduction to Sociological Theories and Schools. 5th ed. Mashad: Marandis.2004.

2-           Introduction to Sociological Theories: Seven Articles. Tehran: Kheradmand.1993.

3-           Applied Design for Writing a Dissertation. Kerman: Hamyar. 1994.

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5-           Sociological Theories, Written for Pyam-e-Nour University.6th ed. Tehran: Payam-e-Nour U.P. 2002.

6-           Historical Sociology of Islam. Tehran: Rouzegar. 1999.

7-           Theoretical Sociology of Islam. Mashhad: Sokhangostar. 2000.

8-           Sociological Imagination in it's Historical Path. 13 vols. Tehran: Bahmanborna & Elm.

1-   Theoretical Sociology: Basis, Concepts and Principles.vol 1.  2003, fourth print: 2013.

2-   Religious Sociology in Ancient East. vol 2. 2002, second print: 2011.

3-   Philosophical-Religious Sociology in Ancient West, Vol., 3, 2003.

4-   Vanguard Sociology in New West. (Analytical Recognition of modern Sociological Theories, Incoming Modernity) 2nd ed., Vol. 5. 2002, second print: 2009.

5-   Sociology of Knowledge and Epistemology of Theory. 2012, second print: 2015.

6-   Analytical Recognition of modern Sociological Theories, Intermediate Modernity, 2012.

7-   Analytical Recognition of modern Sociological Theories, Modernity in passaging, 2012.

8-   Analytical Recognition of modern Sociological Theories, Recent Modernity, 2015.

9-   Historical Sociology of Theories Among Muslim Thinkers: A Selective Approach. Vol. 10. 2005, second print: 2010. 

10- Sociological Perspectives among Sufi Elites: A Selective Approach. Vol. 11. 2007.


9-           Theories of Sociology, for Under-graduate Students. Mashhad: Marandis, Spring 2008, fourth print with Bahmanborna: 2015.

10-         An Interview: A Sociological look at Forough-e-Farrokhzaad’ Poems, Bahmanborna: 2014.


Research Papers

1-           Tanhaie, H.A. “Herbert Blumer’s Theoretical Importance in Sociology of Knowledge. ”Esfahan University Journal of Research (1999). Vol. 1-2.

2-           Tanhie, H.A.Beejeh, “Sociological Study of Class Knowledge and Structure in Marginal Areas: The Case of Beejeh”, Research Journal of Sociology (2005), Ashtian Azad Islamic University,Ashtian, Iran. Vol. 1.   

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6-           Tanhaie,H.A..“A Review of Zeitlin’s Examination of Dialectical Perspective of Mead’s Theory of Self, Action”.Ashtian Journal of Sociology,(2007).vol. 1.

7-           Tanhaie & Abdi. “An Analysis of  Mead’s  Social Development Model of Iranian Society during the First Pahlavi Reign”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2006). Vol. 3.

8-           Tanhaie & Abbasi. “A Comparative Study of 13-19 Year-Old Boys and Girls’ Criminal Behaviors Living in Babol to Those Living Noushahr”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences, (2007).vol. 1.


9-           Tanhaie & Shekarbeigi.“Globalization, Modernization and Family in Iran”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences, (2007). Vol. 3.

10-         Tanhie & Abbasi.“A Study of the Influence of Employment on Daily Criminal Behaviors”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2004). Vol. 3.

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12-         Tanhaie, H.A.“A Qualitative Methodological Paradigm: An Action Analysis of Ervin Goffman’s Theories of the 2008 Elective RalliesBetween MacCane and Obama”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2008). Vol. 2.

13-         Tanhaie & Ghaderi. “A Study of Giddens’s Theoretical and Historical Background”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2008). Vol. 1.

14-         Tanhaie, H.A. “A Sociological Study of Happiness based on Blumer’s Theory of Collective Behaviors and Social Movements”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2008). Vol. 3.

15-         Tanhaie & Tajoddini. “Social Capital and Life-style”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2008). Vol. 4.

16-         Tanhaie, Shiri Aminloo & Sanaat Zadeh. “A Study of the Iranian Youngsters’ Aggressiveness Backgrounds”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2009). Vol. 1.

17-         Tanhaie & Hazrati.“A Theoretical Study of Social Capital Research in Iran”. Abhar’s Journal of Behavioral Sciences (2009). The Introductory Edition.

18-         Tanhaie & Panahi. “A Study of the Approaches based on the Equality of Men’s and Women’s Status and Its Influence on Family Relations”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences, (2009). vol 3.

19-         Tanhaie & Khademloo. “Mutual Implication of the 1950s and 2000s Social and Historical Changes with the Western Sociological Recent Theories”( 2009). Vol. 4.

20-         Tanhaie, H.A.“A Sociological Study of the Relationship between Religious Beliefs and Lifestyle based on Goffman’s Theory and Practice with an Emphasis on Kermanshah City”. Roudhen Journal of Sociology (2010). Vol. 6.

21-         Tanhaie, H. A.”An Exploratory Reflection on the Ideal Types for Replacement of Models”.  Journal of Contemporary Sociology of the IAU- Science and Research Tehran Branch (2010). Vol. 4.ISC 

22-         Tanhaie & Arzbin, “A Sociological Study of the Consumption of Cosmetics among the Students of Western Guilan”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2010). Vol. 2.

23-         Tanhaie, Shiri Aminloo & Sanati.“A Study of the Effective Elements of Day Markets on the Quality of Work during Holidays: A Customer’s Point of view”. Babol’s Journal of Young Studies the Introductory Edition (2010).

24-         Tanhaie, Ravadrad & Moridi. “A Discourse Analysis of the Middle-East Art:  A Study of the Formation of Artistic Rules in Contemporary Iranian Painting, Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2010). Vol. 2.

25-         Tanhaie & Khorrami.“Daily Life or Social Fact. The Newsletter of the Iranian Cultural Studies and Communications Association of the College of Social Sciences of Tehran University (2011). Vol. 11-12.

26-         Tanhaie & Alizadeh. “A Functionalist Study of the Structures of Group Treatments on Rehapilitation of the Actions and Conducts of the Addicted Members of Rahpooyane Rahayee Center”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2011).

27-         Tanhaie & Naderi. “A Study of Modern Changes in the Concept of Social Structure”.  Ashtian Journal of the Social Sciences (2011).  Vol. 4.

28-         Tanhaie & Hosseini Far,“A Sociological Study of the Role of  Social Control and Power Chains in People’s Happily Actions: a Case Study of 4shanbeh Souri in Tehran”, 2010.

29-         Tanhaie & Saadat Zadeh. “A Study of Sociological  Influential Backgrounds of Not Paying the Bills among the Citizens of Arak”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2011). Vol. 2.

30-         Tanhaie and Hakimi. “A Comparative Study of the Relations between the Concept of Justice and Social Identity in Blumer (Interpretationist) to Giddens (Structuralist). The Journal of Social Development Studies (2011). Vol. 1.

31-         Tanhaie & Esfandiari. “A Study of Family and the Concept of Social Capital: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach”. Ashtian Journal of Social Sciences (2013). Vol. 1.

32-         Tanhaie & Mokhtari. “A Study of the Political Influences of the Iranian Agrarian Reform on the Political Structure of the 70s”. Shooshtar’s Journal of Social Sciences (2013). Vol. 21.

33-         Tanhaie & Tavakkoli Vala, “An Analysis of the Classic Theories of Social Stratification in Iran”. Ashtian Social Sciences (2013). Vol. 3.

34-         Tanhaie, Ghassemi & Asadollahi“Sexual Taboo and its Influential Elements: A Case Study of the 15-30 Year Old Youngsters in Tehran City”. Journal of Sociological Studies of the Youth (2012).

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